About Us

Feel it Reel it co-owners Alex Murray and Jim Branca

      We have been fishing all our lives off the coasts of Virginia and Florida. Currently, Jim is a licensed charter captain offering offshore fishing in the Gulf of Mexico through his company Tie One On Charter,(tie1oncharter.com) and Alex gets out on the water at every opportunity.

     Fishing so often in the hot Florida sun, we needed a lightweight, high-quality fishing shirt that would be cool and comfortable while offering sun protection. After trying a variety of shirts, we spent two years fishing in these SPF 50 performance shirts and found them to be extremely comfortable, durable, stain-resistant, extremely lightweight and effective in providing sun protection.

     The “Feel it Reel it” brand began in 2014 as a line of t-shirts we offered to Tie One On customers. The saying derives from using circle hooks, which are mandatory in some offshore fishing situations and also popular inshore as a less harmful way of catching fish. Instead of jerking the line to "set" the hook when you feel a bite, you simply reel.....hence, Feel it Reel it. Our customers liked the slogan, we liked the fishing shirts, and the new product was born. We decided to produce these shirts with authentic designs from our local fishery, and offer them to other fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts.

     We contacted Barry Zahnd, a childhood friend and award-winning artist, to design the Feel it Reel it logo, and the Fishin' logos that reflect the State of Florida and our Counties. The shirts feature her original and vibrant designs of Redfish, Snook, Tarpon, Mahi and Tuna, all of which we catch in local waters.

     Now we wear these shirts for all of our outdoor activities, from fishing to paddleboarding to beach walking. We know you will appreciate them as much as we do.