2015 Grouper Season is Open- New Rules Coming January 02, 2015 14:10

NEW: The FWC Commission approved changing the Gulf red grouper daily bag limit from 4-fish to 2-fish within the 4-grouper aggregate bag limit at the November 2014 meeting. This change is pending until similar regulations take place in Gulf federal waters and is not expected to occur until sometime in Spring 2015.

In the meantime, the red grouper bag limit in state waters of the Gulf of Mexico excluding Monroe County will remain at 4-fish per person per day. Additionally, when red grouper reopens in Gulf federal waters on Jan. 1, the federal bag limit will be 4-fish per person per day until the 2-fish bag limit rule becomes effective.

NOAA Fisheries Bulletin Adobe PDF

Gulf Reef Fish Survey: At their June meeting, the FWC approved the creation of the Gulf Reef Fish Survey, a mandatory requirement for private recreational anglers fishing from a boat to harvest, attempt to harvest, or possess red snapper, gag, greater amberjack, lesser amberjack, banded rudderfish, almaco jack, red grouper, black grouper, vermilion snapper, or gray triggerfish in the Gulf of Mexico, excluding Monroe County. This requirement becomes mandatory April 1, 2015.

Current Gulf State Recreational Grouper Regulations




Red, Yellowfin, Yellowmouth

Rock Hind, Red Hind 


Min. Size Limit

22" TL

22" TL

20" TL


20" TL Atlantic & Monroe County; 16" Gulf

Bag Limit

Up to 2 Gag within the 4 grouper aggregate during open season

Up to 4  per person within the 4 grouper aggregate

Up to 4  per person within the 4 grouper aggregate (see note above)

Up to 4  per person within the 4 grouper aggregate

Up to 4  per person within the 4 grouper aggregate

Open Season

July 1-Dec. 3(excluding Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor, Jefferson and Monroe counties)

April 1-June 30in state waters off of Franklin, Wakulla, Taylor and Jefferson counties

Monroe County managed under the Atlantic season


Open year-round in state waters of the Gulf.


Charter Captain and Crew: zero bag limit for gag, black and red grouper.